Mobile Expression 2

PROCESS Mardis Gras has a storied tradition of hand crafted, highly artistic floats.  Due to their scale, these massive floats are required to be pulled by mechanical equipment like tractors or trucks.  In response to these well-established, large scale parades, smaller, rogue parades have developed that not only employ the same amount of craft and artistry, but also require floats to be human or bike powered. It was these constraints that led our three person team to reconfigure an old design project to be a part of a new Mardis Gras tradition.

RESULT The design utilizes CNC 3/4” plywood to form the majority of the structure.  The precision of the CNC cuts allowed the leading edges of the wheel to roll with relative ease and construction time to be reduced.  The wheel was made in quarters so it could fit on a standard CNC bed and to allow it to be disassembled and transported in an SUV.  The inside rings of the wheel were wrapped with programmable LED strip lights that were sequenced to fit the mood of the parade and could be controlled wirelessly. The wheel rolled in 3 parades – The Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus, Muses and Box of Wine – and was featured on multiple news outlets.  The Wheel will live on and make more appearances in the coming year.

INSIGHT This project provided a significant amount of insight into critiquing every piece of a former design – from planning to fabrication – in the pursuit of making something better.

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Mardi Gras – 2016



Mardi Gras – 2016