Floatyard / Perkins + Will

PROCESS was led though iterative layers of investigation at Perkins + Will.  The Floatyard’s design was spurred by the need for a safer, more economical way to inhabit the pier as water levels become more volatile.  The “pier” on which the building sits is a concrete float allowing water to make its way into the courtyard and become a central part of daily life, while allowing the entire project to rise and fall with the tide.

RESULT Floatyard served as a testing ground for multifamily community living on the water.  The goal of the speculative project was to spur cities to think more creatively about embracing the sea. Floatyard creatively used the opportunities that existed in the environment of its geographical location to generate energy and prevent energy waste.

INSIGHTS The project provided a greater understanding of speculative work and its important role in the profession.  The project was recognized for its unique vision with a Progressive Architecture Award from Architect Magazine in 2013 and a shortlist nomination at the World Architecture Festival 2013 in Singapore