Mobile Expression – Design / Build

PROCESS was led by a reinterpretation the competition prompt – “provide a mobile platform for soapbox expression”.  The team centered the approach around  the individuals ability to both move the object and occupy for expression.  The perfect circle was designed and fabricated so it was lightweight enough for a single user to operate and sturdy enough for multiple users to occupy.

RESULT The mobile soap box, or “DoNut” as it was affectionately named,  was fabricated out of two continuous 3/4” plywood ribs (quartered for ease of assembly and material constraints) and connected by a radial, serial sectioned  vertebrate. Space between each vertebrate was woven with a fabric seat to accommodate a small group when the ring was on its side.  The mobile soap box took on a social media persona and tagged its location for use by anyone on campus who wanted to take it for a ride, have a small gathering, or profess their convictions.  

INSIGHTS The competition limited the design and build period to a week. The project provided a lesson in teamwork and idea synthesis  into a single, cohesive product.  The project was honored with first place. Reach out if you want one made, I am dying to do this thing again.

New Sketch
Process Sketch


exploded axonExploded Axonometric