Yulman Stadium / Gould Evans

  • Tulane University Yulman Stadium, New Orleans Architect - Gould Evans


PROCESS The graphics and branding of Yulman Stadium developed naturally from the design and construction of the facility itself.  The university asked that we holistically develop the visual brand and identity of the space while completing construction administration on the architectural project.  With insight into both sides of the design, we were able to provide solutions that were better integrated into the architecture.

RESULT The scale of the environmental branding and wayfinding project was massive – basic room signage needs, one-off branded graphics, large scale building signage, wayfinding and custom directories, and more.  The scale of the project also allowed the architectural design intent to spill into patron’s personal game experience – from the iconography of Yulman Stadium silhouette atop the scoreboard arriving from campus, to Instagram photos in front of the super graphics that wrap the entire concourse.

INSIGHT  The branding and wayfinding was accomplished in a variety of mediums and provided a wealth of experience in fabrication and install while navigating the complexities of an active and fluid jobsite. Following the project from conception to installation provided the humbling experience of learning which elements could have worked better and which were successful in both design and application.

Developed in partnership with the architecture firm Gould Evans.  Photo credits Gould Evans + Tim Griffith.