Butaro Doctor’s Housing / MASS Design Group

PROCESS was led by equal consideration of place, planning and construction. The antithetical goals for each unit to be a place of solitary respite while relating to a larger network drove the masterplan and form of the housing units. Construction by local trades men and women dictated material and structural considerations.

RESULT The Butaro Doctors Housing project attracts and retains visiting physicians to the recently completed Butaro Hospital. Construction of the project was completed in 2012 and included the sustainable practices of job creation and skilled worker training for Butaro natives. The prototypical duplex utilized Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks, or CSEBs, a brick produced with dirt excavated on-site. This process trained and employed over a hundred members of the community. The project set a precedent for progressive and sustainable design and construction, minimizing the use of concrete and creating bricks that do not need to be fired, decreasing negative environmental impacts of building that lead to pollution and deforestation.

INSIGHT The housing masterplan and design forced creative solutions to unique conditions, compared to traditional Western building models. The project also highlighted the broader implications design and construction can have on the environment it occupies. Images – Iwan Baan

This project was designed during my time at MASS Design Group, a Boston/Rwandan based architecture firm.  Check out more of their work here and contribute if you admire the cause.


Site PlanSection Through Unit